My Thoughts On Yes To’s Avocado Fragrance Free Collection

Last month Yes To sent me a package including their latest avocado skincare products which are fragrance free. The package included the following items: Daily cream cleanser, daily mineral lotion SPF 15, daily eye cream, a hydrating cream mask, and daily hand cream. The avocado line is great for those with dry skin and since I have combination skin (oily and dry skin) this is one of Yes To’s line I’m excited to use. I’ll share my thoughts on each of the products and you can decide if these products would be great for you to use. #yestoambassador #yesto #gifted

Daily Cream Cleanser

I use this cleanser during the morning and at night. The cleanser creates a nice lather which helps to remove dirt, oil, etc. After rinsing and drying my face, it feels clean and doesn’t feel dry or tight, which I love. This daily cream cleanser contains hyaluronic acid and avocado oil, which has Omega -3 fatty acids and Vitamins C and E, which is really great for hydration.

Daily Mineral Lotion SPF 15

I use this during the morning part of my routine. The mineral lotion is lightweight and creamy. You do have to use a small amount/dime size and make sure your skin absorbs the lotion, because when it’s first applied it appears whiteish. With broad spectrum SPF 15 this is great for being out in the sun. I also like the hydrated feeling of my face after using it.

Daily Eye Cream

I use the eye cream during the day and night, after applying the mineral lotion SPF 15. The cream is light and non greasy, which is a plus. Some of the ingredients in the eye cream are: jojoba oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and of course avocado oil. I just dab a little under my eye and make sure its absorbed and my undereye area feels moisturized, which is nice.

Hydrating Cream Mask

One thing I love about Yes To’s products are their mask. They always have my skin feeling amazing, and this mask is no different. This mask is creamy and feels great on my face, and after rinsing it off, my face felt smooth, clean, and hydrated.

Daily Hand Cream

I keep this on my nightstand, because after washing my hands they feel dry, so I like to use my hand cream. There’s no specific time to use the hand cream, you can use it as much as needed. The hand cream of course has avocado oil, which has Omega -3 fatty acids and Hyaluronic acids, much like the daily cream cleanser. After using it my hands feel smoother and moisturized.

For those who have dry skin I would recommended using Yes To’s avocado skincare products. Not only do the products keeps your skin hydrated, but they’re fragrance free too, which is great for those whose skin is sensitive toward fragrances. Just a reminder that Yes To products are made up of at least 95% natural ingredients, are cruelty free and Yes To is a certified leaping bunny brand. If natural and clean skincare products are your thing, then Yes To is a brand worth checking out. Feel free to check out their products here or on their Instagram page @yesto. As always thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time !

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