Movies And TV Shows I’ve Watched In March (Reviews)

It’s now April so it’s time for a recap of my monthly watches and reviews, so here’s what I’ve watched last month in March. The shows that I will be reviewing are: Pieces Of Her (Season 1), Pam & Tommy, and Bridgerton (Season 2).  And these are the movies I will be reviewing: Kimi, The Batman, The Weekend Away, Fresh, The Adam Project, Turning Red, Master, Windfall, X, Deep Water, and Umma. Keep on reading to check out March’s monthly reviews.

TV Shows

Pieces Of Her – Season 1 (2022) – Rating: 3.5/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

Pieces Of Her is a new series based on the novel by Karin Slaughter and I haven’t read the book so I can’t compare the two. This series is a mixture of crime, mystery, thriller, and drama. The cast was great and Toni Collette as the lead actress in the show gave a strong performance, which she always does. On the other hand Bella Heathcote’s character (Andy) made some crazy decisions in the show that were pretty dangerous. One tragic event sort of opens the door of secrets to Collette’s character’s (Laura) past. I liked the journey of discovering who Laura really is and the secrets she’s kept, so we see a lot of flashbacks and a lot of things unraveling. Pieces Of Her is engaging, mysterious and a bingeable series with a few twists and turns. 

Streaming On: Netflix

Pam & Tommy – Season 1 (2022) – Rating: 3.5/5

Photo Credit: Hulu

Lily James and Sebastian Stan’s transformations to Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee were really great with James delivering a standout performance. Pamela Anderson went through emotional suffering with the theft and release of their tape and she deserved better. Pamela Anderson didn’t want to be involved with this series and didn’t give any input as I’m sure it still affects her today plus this is her decision and she doesn’t owe anyone anything. Although she didn’t want to be involved, I also wanted to say that this series opened my eyes and made me empathetic to what Pamela Anderson went through because it’s something I wasn’t aware of honestly. I know that she is partnering up with Netflix to release a documentary, so she can tell her side of the story which I’m looking forward to watching.  

Streaming On: Hulu

Bridgerton – Season 2 (2022) – Rating: 4.5/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

So I read The Viscount Who Loved Me last year, and I really enjoyed it, it’s actually my favorite in the Bridgerton book series, so I was looking forward to this season. I wasn’t a fan of Anthony in season 1 but after reading his story, I grew to like him and could not wait to see how the book would play out in this season. Plus I enjoyed seeing the character development of the main characters. Anthony isn’t keen to the idea of love, he feels like marriage is a duty and that’s what frustrates me with Anthony and a lot of the male characters that think like this in the series. Okay so the enemies to lovers trope” is great and I love seeing how this unraveled in the book and of course the series. It has been a while since I’ve read the book but I do believe that some things were added in this season that weren’t in the book, which they served as subplots in the show possibly setting up for evolvement into the other seasons. Anthony and Kate are more alike than they know and I just love the chemistry between these two. When it comes to their relationship in this series, it is a bit drawn out and isn’t something that happens instantly but rather it develops over time kind of building anticipation, it’s a slow burn romance. There’s not a lot of sex in this season compared to the last one, but I was fine with it because with Anthony and Kate sizzling chemistry and their self denial about their feelings for each other it brought some steamy and sensual moments that happens when they give each other a look or a touch. Now I won’t say that I’m happy that some pretty major Kate and Anthony moments from the book didn’t fully make the show but I’m not severely crushed lol. While the series didn’t fulfill all of my Anthony and Kate needs lol, I still enjoyed this series and also seeing Anthony happy and in love really did put a smile on my face, and my eyes even watered up.   

Streaming On: Netflix


Kimi (2022) – Rating: 4/5

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

This is a well done film that’s refreshing, suspenseful, with a satisfying ending. I loved Zoe Kravitz in this movie and thought she was excellent in this role as the lead. Starring alongside Zoe in this movie are a few familiar faces who are great in their supporting roles. Also did you recognize Kevin’s older brother from Home Alone in this film, who also plays someone name Kevin lol. The film’s runtime is 89 minutes and the pacing is great and efficient. Watching this movie sometimes felt Hitchcockian and reminded me of a modern Rear Window with a twist, and I say this in a good way lol.. Kimi is intriguing, effective, entertaining, and a great thriller to watch, I loved it.       

Streaming On: HBO Max

The Batman (2022) – Rating: 5/5

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Wow so I waited two years for this movie and when I finally watched it in theaters in Dolby Cinema (which I highly recommend this format to watch The Batman in), I was on a high and I was so thrilled while watching the movie that I could’ve cried from excitement and how beautiful this film is but I didn’t lol. Okay so let’s talk about the cast. Robert Pattinson is incredible, which I knew he’d be. From Pattinson’s voiceover narration to him being so good at expressing his thoughts and emotions underneath the cowl to his portrayal of Batman, Pattison is just perfect in this role. Jeffrey Wright made a great James Gordon, and I loved his close relationship with Batman. The relationship between Batman and Catwoman was everything, Rob and Zoe sizzled onscreen and have amazing chemistry, hey The Bat and The Cat has a nice ring to it. 😏 Zoe is stunning and fantastic as Selina Kyle, giving a layered portrayal. Colin Farrell as The Penguin was unrecognizable, funny, and immerses himself into the role. Andy Serkis made a nice Alfred, and you can see he’s concerned for Bruce and tries to provide that fatherly figure to him. John Turturro as Carmine Falcone, was fitting in the role. Lastly Paul Dano gives a terrifying and amazing portrayal as The Riddler, a serial killer who leaves behind cryptic riddles. I just had to highlight the fantastic cast, each bringing something special to this film and their characters. I loved that The Batman is dark, gritty, and a detective story. Seeing this side of Batman being a detective, being great at solving riddles, and working closely with Gordon to capture The Riddler was really nice and refreshing to see onscreen. The cinematography is stunning and immerses the viewers into a dark Gotham, which I loved seeing. Also the color palette in the film is perfect which set the certain tones and mood throughout the movie. The landscape shots, the rainy scenes, the night scenes, and the club scenes were all amazing in this film. Michael Giacchino’s score/soundtrack is captivating and just like when I heard The Batman theme two years ago it still gives me goosebumps. The score and music is haunting, beautiful, melancholy, intense, touching, and is an essential part of the movie that intensifies the film’s atmosphere. Also the moment I heard Something In The Way played in the movie I smiled so hard, it’s placed perfectly in the film. The action scenes were fantastic and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Speaking of, I feel like the film made efficient use of its run time and my eyes were always glued to the screen. Wrapping this up to say that Matt Reeves delivered a brilliant film and I’ve watched The Batman two times and I cannot stop thinking and talking about it…I want to watch it again lol. The Batman is atmospheric, dark, tense, a neo-noir psychological crime thriller, visually stunning, gripping, has incredible acting and action, is everything I hoped for and more and is a cinematic masterpiece, I love it. The Batman is definitely my favorite movie of the year so far.

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The Weekend Away (2022) – Rating: 3/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

I found The Weekend Away to be a decent mystery thriller and it was engaging. The cast performances were decent and Leighton Meester was good in it, giving a natural and believable performance. Meester’s character seems like the only person concerned about her friend’s disappearance, so she’s the main one doing some investigating. Sometimes watching the characters viewers don’t know who to trust. I liked this movie more than I thought I would and it held my interest throughout. I found the plot twists to be enjoyable and the movie to be well paced, although I’m not too sure about the ending lol. The Weekend Away is suspenseful, entertaining, and an easy watch. 

Streaming On: Netflix

Fresh (2022) – Rating: 4/5

Photo Credit: Hulu

I like how Fresh has a few tones throughout the movie. At first it begins like a rom com and about half an hour into the film is where the tone changes, gets a bit darker and becomes a horror thriller. I like what each cast member brought to their roles: Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones) is a tough cookie with an awesome friend Mollie (Jonica T. Gibbs) who kinda reminded me of Lil Rel’s character in Get Out. Sebastian Stan’s character (Steve) went from charismatic to crazy and really shines in this role. The movie’s soundtrack was great and was right up Steve’s alley lol. I had a good time watching this and it was an unexpecting ride. Fresh is surprising, entertaining, thrilling, twisted and dare I say it…fresh lol.  

Streaming On: Hulu

The Adam Project (2022) – Rating: 3.5/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

I wanted to discuss the cast first. Ryan Reynolds plays a similar character him and audiences are all too familiar with him playing lol. Walker Scobell matched Reynolds character’s sarcasm, and the two were great together. Jennifer Garner is just so sweet and you just empathize with her character. Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Saldana were great in their roles, and I thought Catherine Keener’s villain character was okay lol. I like that the movie has heartwarming moments regarding grief. There’s also some good action scenes and the time traveling aspect was nice too. This movie was an enjoyable watch for me. The Adam Project is an entertaining, fun, heartfelt, sci-fi adventure that’s great for a family movie night.  

Streaming On: Netflix

Turning Red (2022) – Rating: 4/5

Photo Credit: Disney

Pixar just released their latest film, Turning Red and I really enjoyed watching it. I thought Mei and her friendship she had with her friends was adorable. This movie tackles puberty and the pressures that parents can put on their children which some people can probably relate to, and I thought this was uniquely done. From first crushes to boy band obsessions these are just some of things we see in this film and are a few reasons why this movie can seem relatable although even if someone doesn’t relate to this movie Turning Red is still a great and enjoyable film. I loved the animation it’s vibrant, fun and eye pleasing. This film also teaches us the importance of being true to ourselves including with our family and friends. Turning Red is cute, funny, energetic, refreshing and a fun watch.

Streaming On: Disney Plus

Master (2022) – Rating: 3/5

Photo Credit: Amazon Prime Video

Master is a blend of horror, psychological thriller, drama, and social commentary with the plot dealing with racism. Some comparisons to Get Out will probably be made but the two are different. The cast is great and Regina Hall starring as the lead gives a fine performance. Viewers see three black women who are striving to find their place at an elite university while they also encounter micro aggressions. Along with the horrors of racism the film also has some supernatural elements. The movie’s runtime is about 90 minutes and surprisingly I thought it was a bit short and I had a few questions after watching the movie and maybe an extended runtime could’ve helped. Overall Master is suspenseful at times, thought provoking and a good watch.   

Streaming On: Prime Video

Windfall (2022) – Rating: 3/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

When the credits came on and the music began this movie gave me Hitchcockian vibes, it doesn’t last long but it sort up sets up what we’re possibly gonna experience in terms of a thriller. The movie features a small cast and everyone is great in their roles, especially Jesse Plemons. The film takes place at one location… well the house and its surroundings lol and the storyline revolves around three people and it’s almost like the more time we spend with the characters the audience gets to know them a little more throughout the movie. Even though the film’s runtime is 90 minutes it feels like a slow burn which of course benefits the movie, and gives us an unexpected ending. Overall I had an interesting time with this film. Windfall is entertaining, well acted, with a simple yet intriguing plot.

Streaming On: Netflix

X (2022) – Rating: 4/5

Photo Credit: A24

X doesn’t explore any deep psychological themes or is a complex movie, at least for me it doesn’t seem that way lol. It’s a simple, straightforward plot ( which I do not mind lol) that aims to entertain and that’s exactly what it does. So this movie is a slow burn and it gradually builds up tension before getting to the action and gore. It also gives viewers a little time with the characters and we see a little bit of their work lol (if you know what I’m talking about 😏) plus the characters (the movie crew) were a likable bunch. The movie features a talented cast with each of the actors and actresses bringing something great to their roles; The ladies killed it: Jenna Ortega, Brittany Snow, and Mia Goth. Also It wasn’t until after watching the movie that I read that Mia Goth also played the elderly woman, Pearl which threw me by surprise lol. Speaking of the elderly couple they were a little creepy and you’re just waiting to see how these two characters will play out. The cinematography really captures the essence of 70s horror films, it’s shot well and is reminiscent to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. When we do get the action we are presented with some gruesome kills that keeps viewers on edge over what might happen next. And there’s a little reveal towards the end about a character, I didn’t see coming. I didn’t know what to expect with this film, but I dug it lol. X is fun, wild (in a good way), entertaining, suspenseful, although it may not be for everyone… I really enjoyed this movie.

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Deep Water (2022) – Rating: 2.5/5

Photo Credit: Hulu

Deep Water stars Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas as the two leads in this film who both gives strong performances. I mean Affleck and De Armas are really great in their roles. Their characters have a toxic relationship/marriage and yeah they both gave me a headache with their little games, but their daughter Trixie was adorable and I enjoyed every scene she was in. I also liked the supporting cast of familiar faces, who were also great. Now the movie’s plot isn’t anything fascinating or gripping nor did it feel like much of a thriller but it did keep my attention and I wasn’t bored while watching the film, plus the last 15 minutes of the movie gave me a bit of excitement. Overall Deep Water was an okay film. It didn’t thrill or really excite me but it did keep me entertained, which I was fine with. 

Streaming On: Hulu

Umma (2022) – Rating: 3/5

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures

Although there was very little advertisement for this movie, I still wanted to check it out because the trailer interested me. The cast is small including Fivel Stewart and Dermot Mulroney in which they all did a good job in their roles, with Sandra Oh giving a very good performance. I thought her character was pretty similar to her role as Mei’s mom in Turning Red in which both films are similar in a way in regard to strained familial relationships. Which leads me into how the plot of Umma revolves a strained mother – daughter relationship, focusing more on specifically Sandra Oh’s character and her mom. The movie is a horror film, and while the movie isn’t completely scary, it has some eerie moments to it with a few jump scares. I’d like to think of it as a mix between supernatural and psychological horror. Something else I wanted to talk about is the film’s runtime which is 93 minutes so it’s a short film, but I think it kinda works for the movie because I think what the director gave us was pretty sufficient regarding the film’s plot, and it’s actually well-paced, although it’s short lol. While Umma is not my favorite horror film of the year, I did find it pretty interesting, engaging, and overall I liked it.

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5/5: Love It, Must Watch

4.5/5: Amazing

4/5: Great

3.5/5: Very Good

3/5: Good

2.5/5: Pretty Good

2/5: Meh (Not Impressive)

1.5/5: Bad

1/5: Horrible

This wraps up my March movie and show reviews. Have you watched any of these films or shows ? Let me know in the comments below. As always thanks for reading and I’ll see you for my April round of monthly watches.


  1. Whew, March was a great month for movies and shows! My favorites from your list are Bridgerton, Turning Red, and of course Batman. 🙌🏾 The way you described season 2 as a slow-burn romance between Kate and Anthony is so accurate as it was essential to their enemies-to-lovers storyline. I did enjoy some of the other plots in this season but the real star was #Kathony 😭

    Batman was also AMAZING! I loved how they explored corruption and how the villains and Bruce go about cleaning up the city in very different ways. The acting and the cinematography were amazing!

    Given the ending, I’m hoping that there’s a franchise on the way🤞🏾

    Liked by 1 person

    • So sorry for responding late lol

      Yes March has some of my favorite releases and oooh great picks ! 👏🏾

      Loved that slow burn romance 😍🔥, and Kathony was definitely the real star ⭐️ 😏.

      Omg you know how I feel about The Batman 😆👏🏾. Right I loved how they explored corruption in Gotham too. And yes the acting, cinematography, and the score were amazing. Loved Rob Pattinson as Batman and Zoe Kravitz as Selina.

      I’m really hoping too and I especially want Matt Reeves to work on that franchise 🖤.

      Liked by 1 person

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