Movies And TV Shows I’ve Watched In January (Reviews)

The first month of the year has passed so you know that it’s time for my monthly watches and reviews. So here’s what I watched in January, the shows that I will be reviewing are: The Witcher (Season 2), Stay Close (Season 1), Archive 81 (Season 1), Ozark (Season 4, Part 1), Emily In Paris (Season 1-2), and The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window (Season 1). And these are the movies I will be reviewing: Kate, Till Death, Being The Ricardos, Scream (2022), Brazen, Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, The Royal Treatment, Nobody, Hitman’s Wife Bodyguard, The Resort, and Turistas. Keep on reading to check out January’s monthly reviews.

TV Shows

The Witcher – Season 2 (2021) – Rating: 5/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

Season 2 of The Witcher is a great continuation of the first season. This show has some interesting characters, in which the actors play them so well. I haven’t read the books or played the video games but I think Henry Cavill is so great as Geralt of Rivia. Geralt becomes the protector of Ciri and they have a nice bond and they are protective of each other. This season also has great action scenes. The fight scenes are superb and gory. The visual effects are stunning, especially when it comes to the magic. The creatures showing up were amazing too. The storyline is very engaging revolving around Geralt, Ciri, Yennefer, and the humans vs. the elves. We are met with old characters and are introduced to more. And season 2 just enhances the world building in this dark fantasy show. Season 2 of The Witcher is an adventure, it’s bingeworthy, and if you liked season 1, then you’ll also like this season as well.      

Streaming On: Netflix   

Stay Close – Season 1 (2021) – Rating: 5/5

Photo Credit: Netflix     

Stay Close is a Netflix series based on Harlan Coben’s book of the same name. He’s also had quite a few series/films based off his novels that have been released. So if you’ve enjoyed those previous adaptations of his books then you’ll like this one. The actors were great in their roles and gave fine performances. I felt like the characters were interesting and of course hiding a secret or two. It’s basically like the past comes back to haunt the main characters and it keeps you in suspense. Speaking of characters that Barbie and Ken pair were strange and mildly scary lol. As the audience we’re anticipating the reveal of any secrets the characters have and it gets you hooked. The first episode is intriguing and will keep you wanting to watch more episodes. And wow the plot twist at the end, I was not expecting. Stay Close is compelling, entertaining, binge-able with surprising elements and if you enjoy thriller & suspense shows you should definitely check this series out.

Streaming On: Netflix

Archive 81 – Season 1 (2022) – Rating: 4/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

Archive 81 is a sci-fi horror mystery series on Netflix. It is bit of a slow burn but it will keep you hooked. This series reels you in with it’s strange characters and it’s strong plot. The cast is impressive and gives great performances. This show involves demons, cults, black mold and other strange happenings but I think it works well in this series. There’s also a great use of found footage in here courtesy of one of the main characters. Overall this series is an interesting wild ride that I enjoyed watching. Archive 81 is creepy, slow building, intriguing, ominous and if you like these types of shows I would recommend watching it. 

Streaming On: Netflix

Ozark – Season 4, Part 1 (2022) – Rating: 5/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

One thing I love about this show is the amazing cast and their phenomenal performances. Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, and Julia Garner are fantastic and they could not have found better actors for these roles. This season there is a lot at stake for some characters so we see how that plays out for them. The Byrdes are constantly under pressure and challenged by Navarro/ the cartel, but they find a way to get things done. Not only does this show deals with money laundering, drugs, gambling, etc. but in this season there’s more to add to that lol. There are some shocks and surprises that happens this season which will be leading to the final conclusion of season 4. Just like the previous season, I loved this one. This season of Ozark is explosive, gripping, entertaining, brilliant, and I’m so ready for Part 2.  

Streaming On: Netflix

Emily In Paris – Season 1-2 (2020) – Rating: 4/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

So I binged watched both seasons of Emily In Paris in maybe 24 hrs. or maybe a little more, yeah I couldn’t stop watching it lol, but I’m happy that I did. The cast is great, there are some interesting characters in this show, at times it feels like you know them. The characters can be pretty relatable at times too. Lily Collins is a delight to watch in this role. I think one of my favorite things about the show is that it’s a great escape and sometimes an escape is a nice thing to have in a series/movie. This show has a love triangle, fashion (of course), pop culture references, drama, romance, Paris sights, and more. I really enjoyed this series. Emily In Paris is charming, light hearted, bingeable, fun, entertaining and I’m excited for season 3.

Streaming On: Netflix

The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window – Season 1 (2022) – Rating: 5/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

With that title alone I knew I had to watch this show lol, which I binged yesterday and I really enjoyed it. The Woman In The House is a parody of the mystery & psychological thriller genre and as someone who enjoys parodies and these genres I felt like this one was a blast to watch. Kristen Bell really delivers in this role. This series isn’t laugh out loud funny, but it’s more like ridiculous funny, which suited this show well. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and the audience shouldn’t take the show too seriously either. I loved the funny nods and the over the top moments. This series has twists, surprises and had me guessing on what would happen next. The Woman In The House is entertaining, fun, enjoyable, mysterious, and a binge worthy series. After that ending who knows…we might get a second season.  

Streaming On: Netflix


Kate (2021) – Rating: 4/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

The entire cast was great and gave what they were supposed to give in their roles. And can I just say that I love Mary Elizabeth Winstead kicking butt on the screen, she is perfect in this and I want more of her lol. Winstead’s costars Woody Harrelson played a character that he is pretty much great at playing lol and young costar Miku Martineau gave a fierce performance. The action scenes in this film are amazing, that car chase scene in the beginning looked like a scene from a video game, I loved it. The fight scenes are brutal and bloody… no complaints here lol. Also the movie taking place in Tokyo and the neon aesthetic and colors were a vibe. While this movie might garner comparison to other action films I think it was pretty refreshing and I really enjoyed it. Kate is a fun, fast paced, intense wild ride of a film and if you enjoy action thrillers with amazing action scenes then this film is for you.

Streaming On: Netflix

Till Death (2021) – Rating: 3.5/5

Photo Credit: Screen Media Films

Megan Fox stars as Emma in this pretty intense thriller and is in a fight for survival when a stay at her and her husband’s lake house takes an unexpected turn for her and brings unexpected company. Throughout the movie Fox’s character is trying to survive intruders while being handcuffed to her dead husband. Now being that Emma is handcuffed to an object you might be reminded of Gerald’s Game, but the two films are completely different. Megan Fox is great in this role and delivers a strong performance and you couldn’t help but to anticipate what her character would do next. The movie is pretty well paced, although I did feel that in some areas the movie did move a little slow for me. Overall I enjoyed this film. Till Death is a simple yet effective survival thriller that is entertaining, intriguing and is worth checking out. 

Streaming On: Netflix

Being The Ricardos (2021) – Rating: 4/5

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

This movie was a pleasant surprise and I really liked it more than I expected. The cast did a great job and they captured the essence of their roles. I know there have been miscast comments regarding Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem playing Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz but I honestly thought the two did a job well done and stayed true to their roles. I also liked how the film covered a week on the I Love Lucy set as well as other moments in the Arnaz’s lives and seeing it portrayed in the film was insightful and showed us a glimpse into the lives of these stars on set and outside of the show. This film was such a great transport and reminder of these actors and their relationship/marriage, and an interesting time in television history. Being The Ricardos is engaging, entertaining, well acted, and a delight to watch.  

Streaming On: Prime Video

Scream (2022) – Rating: 4.5/5

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

The latest Scream movie is out and it’s one of my most anticipated movies of the year and I really enjoyed it. Watching this movie in theaters was an awesome experience, especially watching this in Dolby Cinema, with enhanced visuals and sound. One thing about the Scream sequels is that they are gonna have that whodunnit/ guess who’s the killer aspect that always leaves the audience in surprise and suspense. This movie presents classic Scream elements in a fresh way: the self awareness, the mystery of the killer, and the nods to the original Scream, which had me smiling because what fan wouldn’t lol and the opening scene of this film is pure classic Scream. I’m always happy to see the three OGs in these films: Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courtney Cox. Fans have been with these three since the first Scream so it’s great that we see them in this film and to see what’s been going on in their lives, they’re like long distanced family members lol. I also liked the new cast, who added something interesting to the film. My favorites of the new cast are Mindy (played by Jasmin Savoy Brown, she’s number one), her brother Chad ( played by Mason Gooding), and Wes (played by Dylan Minnette). They are a likable group of characters and they were used along with the OG characters in a great way. Ghostface is still taunting his victims and delivers some bloody kills in this film and the killer’s reveal is surprising. Overall I had a blast with this film and it is a really great sequel in the franchise, I loved it ! Scream is fun, entertaining, reinvigorating, a bloody good time, has twists, and fans of the franchise will enjoy this one. Radio Silence did Wes proud with this film ! 

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Brazen (2022) – Rating: 3/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

Brazen is a crime thriller on Netflix that is also based on Nora Roberts’s novel Brazen Virtue. I didn’t expect too much prior to watching this film, but hey it’s a thriller and these made for tv thriller films are guilty pleasures of mine lol. Alyssa Milano stars in this film and is probably the only actor in this film that I know and she gives a decent performance. I liked the chemistry between Milano and Sam Page’s characters, who plays her detective romance interest, both of these actors are good in their roles. The runtime is 94 minutes so the movie is pretty well paced which gives enough time for the audience to guess who could be the killer in the film, which at times the suspect can be obvious yet also misleading lol. Brazen is an entertaining romance thriller, it’s escapism, and while it isn’t a perfect thriller it is a decent quick watch. 

Streaming On: Netflix

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania (2022) – Rating: 3/5

Photo Credit: Amazon Studios

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania is the fourth and final film in the franchise. Just like the previous films we see Dracula and his Drac Pack, Mavis, Johnny, and new characters from the third film: Ericka and Abraham Van Helsing. I laughed a few times during this film due to something one of Drac’s friends said or did lol. The movie’s runtime is 87 minutes and if you’re looking for a pretty fast paced movie for the family this is an option. Drac and Johnny goes on a little adventure outside of the hotel and we see some things the two face on that trip. We also know the relationship between those two isn’t quite how Mavis would like lol. Hotel Transylvania: Transformania is fun, silly at times, with a few heartwarming moments, while this isn’t my favorite of the franchise, I think this would be a good Friday night movie to put on for the kids. 

Streaming On: Prime Video

The Royal Treatment (2022) – Rating: 2.5/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

The Royal Treatment is exactly as it sounds when you think of made for tv rom coms dealing with royalty. I don’t think it’s a bad thing but just something you can expect to see in this film lol. It wouldn’t hurt to watch it, if you wanted to check it out lol. The cast and their performances were decent. The two leads played by Laura Marano and Mena Massoud have good chemistry and I like that both characters both inspired something in each other. The Royal Treatment is a lighthearted rom com. It’s nothing I’d rewatch and is an okay movie.   

Streaming On: Netflix

Nobody (2021) – Rating: 4.5/5

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Oh to have seen this movie in theaters would have been a fun and awesome experience, but hey better late than never lol. I love action films and this movie gave me action all around. Bob Odenkirk is a blast in this role. Also having Christopher Lloyd and RZA in the film was a great choice, and when the two are with Odenkirk’s character it’s a fun time. This movie has a John Wick vibe to it but it still has its own style. I loved how Odenkirk’s character is a family man. The fight sequences are bloody, brutal and are exciting to watch. The film’s runtime is 92 minutes and it’s a fast paced action ride that keeps you engaged. I really enjoyed this movie. Nobody is entertaining, a blast from beginning to end, a lot of fun, and a crowd pleaser for audiences. This movie is a must see, especially for fans of action movies.    

Streaming On: HBO Max

Hitman’s Wife Bodyguard (2021) – Rating: 3.5/5

Photo Credit: Lionsgate

I kind of expected that a sequel to The Hitman’s Bodyguard would be released . The main cast is back and they are still great in their roles. I like seeing the chemistry that Ryan Reynolds, Samuel Jackson, and Salma Hayek’s characters have. They have great energy and the comedic timing between them is great. I laughed quite a bit during this movie. The action is good, which included fist fights, and car chases. This movie is a wild ride and a good time. I like that this movie doesn’t take itself too seriously. Hitman’s Wife Bodyguard is fast paced, fun, hilarious and is an enjoyable sequel to the first film. 

Streaming On: HBO Max

The Resort (2021) – Rating: 2/5

Photo Credit: Vertical Entertainment

I don’t have too much to say about this film so this review will be pretty short. So this is one of those movies I had put on and I didn’t have any expectations lol. The cast was pretty good and they worked with what they had. The movie’s location and with the resort being cursed and haunted, I felt like these ideas were wasted in this film and fell flat. Also this film doesn’t necessarily gives horror fans the scares or thrills they would want. And the ending was pretty ridiculous. Overall The Resort could have been at least a decent to pretty good horror film, but missed those opportunities. At best you could probably put this on for a late night watch like I did.  

Streaming On: Hulu

Turistas (2006) – Rating: 3.5/5

Photo Credit: Fox Atomic

I remembered when this movie was released years ago and then a few nights ago I came across this movie on Tubi. The cast included Josh Duhamel, Olivia Wilde, Melissa George, and Beau Garrett, the performances were good throughout the movie. The movie’s runtime is 96 minutes and is well paced. What makes this movie terrifying is what was happening to the tourists there, it’s scary to think that you could be vacationing or traveling somewhere, especially a place you’re new to, then you are drugged and kidnapped to have your organs harvested. What happens in this movie is a tourist’s/ traveler’s nightmare and this could also be described as a survival movie. Turistas is intense at times, suspenseful, and an entertaining movie; it held my interest. 

Streaming On: Tubi

5/5: Love It, Must Watch

4.5/5: Amazing

4/5: Great

3.5/5: Very Good

3/5: Good

2.5/5: Pretty Good

2/5: Meh (Not Impressive)

1.5/5: Bad

1/5: Horrible

This wraps up my January movie and show reviews. Have you watched any of these films or shows ? Let me know in the comments below. As always thanks for reading and I’ll see you for my February round of monthly watches.


  1. The year has just started and it’s already a great month for tv. My favorite shows here are ” The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window” and “Ozark.”

    “TWITHATSFTGITW” ( I had to abbreviate it lol) really kept me on the edge of my screen and I loved that the humor was very specific to the show. As u said it isn’t like laughing out loud funny but very over the top. There were so many clever and hilarious lines. Although I expected the plot twist, I was still in shock!

    And of course, Ozark was amazing, I’ll be here waiting for her Part 2 😭

    I loved “Nobody”, it gave me everything I wanted from an action movie. It gave me John Wick vibes but still managed to stand out on its own.

    I gotta check out Archive 81, that sounds really interesting. 👏🏾

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right so many great tv shows to kick off the year and I am loving it ! 👏🏾

      I’ll also be using your abbreviation: TWITHATSFTGITW 😅 I definitely agree with you that there were many clever and hilarious lines in the show.

      ***Sighs*** Ozark part 2 where are thou ? 😭 Yes yes yes Part 1 was amazing. 👏🏾

      Nobody definitely fulfilled my action movie loving heart lol 😌

      Oooh I think you might like Archive 81 😃

      Liked by 1 person

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