Birthday Weekend Fun

Hey y’all so my 28th birthday was a few weeks ago on October 21 and of course I continued celebrating my birthday throughout that weekend. So I wanted to share with you all how I spent my birthday and what I did during that weekend. I wanted to share this blog post sooner but time slipped away from me lol, but hey better late than never. Keep reading to see what things I did during my birthday weekend.

The Day Of My Birthday

On the day of my actual birthday I didn’t do much but I woke up to a little birthday setup that my brother did and it was such a nice surprise. There were balloons, confetti, a cupcake, and more. Also the day before my birthday I took some b-day pics with a cake that I made, which was pretty good. I’ve also included a pic of my birthday gifts !

Went To The Movies To See Dune

On Friday I went to go watch Dune in theaters. You know I had to go support my boy Timothée Chalamet and my girl Zendaya, plus the rest of the star studded cast. Now I won’t go into much detail about the movie since I’ll be sharing a review on the film this Friday (so stay tuned for that). But I will say that Dune is an immersive film and it was really great to experience it in theaters. So if you can watch in theaters, I definitely recommend it. My movie snacks: a free large drink and popcorn birthday gift, since I’m an AMC Stubs Premiere member.

13th Floor Haunted House

13th Floor has a few locations around the country, and so I’m happy that they have one here in Jacksonville FL, they are usually opened from September through November, you can click here for more info. On Saturday, my brother and I went to 13th Floor and we picked the earliest time (6:00 pm) since every time we passed by the line outside would be so long especially after 8:00 pm. They also have fast passes available but we did not buy any and I’m glad that we didn’t because we went through the gate with ease and no waiting besides a few minutes to get inside the building. They also had some scary characters walking around out front, which we were able to take pics with them. We weren’t able to take pics/videos inside the attractions, but I’m happy I was able to take some pics earlier lol. So these were the following attractions they had: Dead In The Water, Bad Blood, and The Dollmaker. The attractions were great and I jumped a few times lol. The duration of walking through the attractions was pretty quick, maybe about 20- 30 mins., but hey the ticket price we paid wasn’t bad, so I was cool with it lol. The ticket price depends on the day you go so they range from $19.99 -$27.99 + tax. At the end of the attractions there’s a little gift shop where you can buy shirts and get pictures, because in the beginning they have photo ops. My brother and I bought two pics (one for each of us) and got a digital download for $22. Overall I had a fun time at 13th Floor and enjoyed some quick scares, I’m looking forward to attending next year !

Here’s our photo op pic ! (My eyes aren’t close lol)

Dinner At Chili’s

After we left 13th Floor, my brother and I decided to grab some dinner at Chili’s. The initial plan was Applebee’s to try their spooky drinks, but the wait time was long, so we went to Chili’s. We still had to wait, but the wait time wasn’t as long as Applebee’s. For drinks my brother and I ordered their $5 monthly margarita which was Halloween themed and called The Spider Bite; It was nice and sweet just how I like them, although we didn’t have a spider ring on our drink because they ran out of them lol. For food I ordered a Bacon Avocado Grilled Chicken Sandwich minus the avocado with a side of fries, and my brother order the Smokehouse Combo (his dinner isn’t pictured). We stayed at Chili’s for about a hour and a half and went home.

Sunday Brunch With The Fam At Whiskey Jax

I had to conclude my birthday weekend with brunch with the family. I chose Whiskey Jax for the brunch location because I was expecting a party of about 14 people and they were the only brunch place that could accommodate that size. (Funny story: I wanted to go to Another Broken Egg but they weren’t able to seat a party of more than ten people. On the day of brunch a few people didn’t show up, and so I could’ve went to Another Broken Egg, but of course it was too late but hey Whiskey Jax has bottomless mimosas, so I see that as a win lol and I still enjoyed my time at Whiskey Jax). This is actually my second time going there, and the menu changed up a bit lol. This place is a kitchen & cocktails restaurant, and has a low key and dim vibe. I know for sure they have brunch on Sundays, not sure if Saturday is included. I ordered the bottomless mimosas with orange and pineapple juice. For food I ordered French toast topped with fresh strawberries, home fries, and sausage links, the food was good although the French toast taste like they used multi grain bread and the sausage links were a bit soft when putting your fork through and into your mouth lol, but overall it was nothing major, and the food was still good. We probably was at Whiskey Jax for about a hour and a half then we left. Oh and my cousin bought me birthday shot of my choice. I wanted a shot of flavored Ciroc, but the waitress brought me a starburst shot which was good.  I really appreciated that my family was able to attend brunch with me and I had a great time. Whiskey Jax doesn’t have their brunch menu online but click here if you want to see their regular menu.

Took these pics before I took a nap cause those mimosas were getting to me lol.

My birthday weekend included things I love and that makes me happy: movies and going to the theaters, horror & haunted houses, food, and my family, it was fun and memorable. As always thanks for reading about my birthday weekend festivities. Feel free to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more daily life, movie/show reviews & recommendations, and more @jamonicatierra, and I’ll see you next time !


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!! 🥳🥳 So glad you had a good time! The food at those restaurants looks amazing, definitely can’t go wrong it bottomless mimosas lol!
    I Gotta check out Whiskey Jax, whenever I go to the U.S. 🙌🏾
    Btw, what products/ gel do you use for ur wash and go’s? The curls are popping!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much Hannah ! 💗 Yes to the bottomless mimosas ! 😅

    Whiskey Jax is a place worth checking out !

    Thanks girlie, I do twists outs ! ☺️ Lately I’ve been using Mielle products, and I also use the B Defined Curl Defining Gel from Curls (the brand) ultimate styling collection. Currently I’m using Mielle’s Moisture RX Hawaiian Ginger collection ! I hope this helps ! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ouu, I’ve never heard of Mielle products, definitely gotta check those out. And I’ve always heard good things about Curls 🙌🏾
      Thanks for the recommendations🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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