Mystery/Whodunnit Movies And Shows You Should Watch

I am a huge fan of horror movies, they are my favorite genre. But I also love mystery movies and whodunnits as well. The great thing about movies and shows is that they don’t have to belong to one genre. In addition to being mysteries/whodunnits some of the movies and shows that I will be recommending range from horror and slasher films to comedies to thrillers. I’ll be sharing a list of mystery and whodunnit movies and shows you definitely should watch, which will also include some of my favorites. You’ll laugh, you’ll be mind blown, you’ll smile, you might jump or cover your eyes, but I’m hoping you’ll enjoy these movies and shows as much as I did. I won’t be sharing reviews with this list however I still recommend watching these films and shows. I’ll also provide the streaming services that the movie or show is currently streaming on (at the time of this blog post) if one is available. Keep reading for my mystery/whodunnit recommendations.


1. Game Night (2018) – Rent/Buy from Amazon Prime Video

2. Psycho (1960) – Rent/Buy from Amazon Prime Video

3. Murder On The Orient Express (2017) – Rent/Buy from Amazon Prime Video

4. Scream (1996) – Streaming On: HBO Max, Pluto TV

5. L.A. Confidential (1997) – Streaming On: IMDb TV

6. Identity (2003)- Streaming On: Pluto TV

7. Zodiac (2007) – Streaming On: Tubi TV

8. Memento (2000) – Streaming On: Tubi TV, IMDb TV, Pluto TV

9. Clue (1985) – Streaming On: IMDb TV

10. Knives Out (2019) – Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video

11. A Simple Favor (2018) – Rent/Buy from Amazon Prime Video

12. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) – Rent/Buy from Amazon Prime Video

13. Se7en (1995) – Rent/Buy from Amazon Prime Video

14. Rear Window (1954) – Rent/Buy from Amazon Prime Video

15. Murder Mystery (2019) – Streaming On: Netflix

16. Happy Death Day (2017) – Rent/Buy from Amazon Prime Video

17. Shutter Island (2010) – Streaming On: Netflix, Pluto TV

18. Dial M For Murder (1954) – Streaming On: Tubi TV

19. The Black Dahlia (2006) – Rent/Buy from Amazon Prime Video

20. Enola Holmes (2020) – Streaming On: Netflix

21. Detective Pikachu (2019) – Rent/Buy from Amazon Prime Video

TV Shows

22. Whodunnit? (2013) ( Season 1) – Streaming On: ABC app

23. Agatha Christie’s Ordeal By Innocence (2018) (Season 1) – Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video

24. Secret and Lies (2015) (The American series -Seasons 1-2) – Streaming On: IMDb TV

25. Scream Queens (2015) ( Season 1-2) – Streaming On: Hulu, IMDb TV

26. The Stranger (2020) (Season 1) – Streaming On: Netflix

27. Lupin (2021) (Seasons 1-2) – Streaming On: Netflix

28. How To Get Away With Murder (2014) (Seasons 1-6) – Streaming On: Netflix

29. Who Killed Sara ? (2021) (Seasons 1-2) – Streaming On: Netflix

30. Click Bait (2021) (Season 1) – Streaming On: Netflix

31. The Sinner (2017) (Seasons 1-3) – Streaming On: Netflix

This wraps up my list of mysteries and whodunnits that you should watch. Have you seen any of these films or shows ? If so let me know which ones you’ve seen below in the comments. As always thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time !


  1. Wow, this is a great list! I’ve watched are Game Night which was hilarious. 🤣Also, I’ve seen Psycho, Seven, Scream, and a bunch more. I definitely have to check out Dial M for Murder cause the plot sounds really interesting🙌🏾

    Also adding Whoduunit it & Secrets & Lies to my watch list💃🏾

    Liked by 1 person

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