Movies And TV Shows I’ve Watched In August (Reviews)

It’s now September so it’s time for a recap of my monthly watches and reviews, so here’s what I’ve watched last month in August. The shows that I will be reviewing are: Outer Banks (Season 2), Katla, Brand New Cherry Flavor, and Clickbait. And these are the movies I will be reviewing: Hostage House, The Seventh Day, Aftermath, The Suicide Squad, The Swarm, Blood Red Sky, Don’t Breathe 2, Friday The 13th (1980), Friday The 13th (2009), Beckett, The Night House, The Descent 2, Black Rock, The Ninth Passenger, Piranha 3DD, Bait, Candyman (1992), Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh, Candyman: Day Of The Dead, and Candyman (2021). Keep on reading to check out August’s monthly reviews.

TV Shows

Outer Banks – Season 2 (2021) – Rating: 5/5

Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/ Netflix

This season picks up where the first season left off, and we see John B and Sarah not in the Outer Banks and trying to avoid being captured. There’s also a few new cast members to the show and of course we have the same cast from before, and they all do a great job. I love the Pogues because they’re just so cool, are amazing friends, and are so great together. They are my absolute favorite from the show. This season has so much action, thrills, and surprises, I love it. This season also takes us on a few adventures and outside the Outer Banks. I loved season 1 but love season 2 even more. Outer Banks is such an exciting show. And season 2 is fun, entertaining, suspenseful, full of twists, and has a surprising cliffhanger. This show is a must watch if you enjoy drama, mystery, thrillers, and action/adventure. 

Streaming On: Netflix

Katla – Season 1 (2021) – Rating: 5/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

Katla is an Icelandic mystery drama series that I enjoyed watching. A year after the eruption of a volcano (Katla) ash covered people appear and some believe them to be what Icelandic folklore describes as changelings (“clones”). In the show these changelings serve a purpose for certain main characters in the series. During the first few episodes the show is bizarre but in a good way, you don’t know why these ash covered people are arriving in town but you are intrigued by what’s going on. The setting of the show of course is perfect for the show’s plot. The acting was great. Katla is a slow burn, interesting, mysterious, has some surprises, and is a bit eerie. If this sounds like a show you’ll enjoy, I recommend giving it a watch. 

Streaming On: Netflix

Brand New Cherry Flavor – Season 1 (2021) – Rating: 4/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

Brand New Cherry Flavor is not gonna be for everyone because of its contents of the show but I enjoyed it. The acting in this film was great and both Rosa Salazar and Catherine Keener gave amazing performances. I feel that the setting of Los Angeles during the 90s works great for the series and brings us some interesting characters. On the first episode you think this series is gonna be about a film director going to LA to achieve her director dreams, but it takes a turn…in a good way. This series features sex, magic, revenge, and kittens, which is a weird mix but it works for this show. Brand New Cherry Flavor is fresh, twisted, weird, intense, thrilling, has horror elements and is captivating, all of which is a great combination. I recommend checking this series out if it sounds like something you’d watch.  

Streaming On: Netflix

American Horror Stories – Season 1 (2021) – Rating: 4/5

Photo Credit: FX on Hulu

American Horror Stories is a spin-off of the anthology series American Horror Story. The weekly anthology series features a different horror story in each episode. This series had a more modern and current approach which I thought was nice. A few of the episodes tie back to AHS: Murder House and then the others weren’t tied to any previous AHS seasons and are individual episodes.  I thought the horror elements added in the show were good. Drive In, BA’AL, and Feral are my favorite episodes. I thought they were the most satisfying to watch. Overall American Horror Stories was fun, entertaining, I enjoyed this series, although I could’ve use a few more episodes lol.

Streaming On: Hulu

Clickbait – Season 1 (2021) – Rating: 5/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

I’m a huge fan of thrillers and mysteries, so I was excited to watch this show. When a family man is abducted in a crime with a sinister online twist, those closest to him race to uncover who is behind it and why. The acting was great and the plot is intriguing. I loved how each episode focused on a different character, in which those characters could’ve had a potential motive. Each episode has you thinking you’re close to solving the “who did it” and it has you on the edge of your seat. There’s a lot of twists and turns in this show which I enjoyed. The ending of the show was bizarre and unexpected. Clickbait is thrilling, well paced, entertaining, a roller coaster, and addictive. 

Streaming On: Netflix


Hostage House (2021) – Rating: 2/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

Okay so I wasn’t expecting too much from this movie, but I thought it was pretty good. A realtor and her daughter get taken captive by two fugitive criminals during an open house, forcing her to find ways to ensure their survival; So this would be like a home invasion movie. The acting was okay although some actors could’ve been better. I knew this movie would have me laughing at some parts whether it was the acting, some of the characters or their choices. The plot is straightforward and I was interested in how the movie would play out. The pacing of the movie was good and it kept me engaged. Overall this film isn’t the best but it isn’t the worst I’ve seen. Hostage House is silly, and kept me entertained. 

Streaming On: Netflix

The Seventh Day (2021) – Rating: 2/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

So I didn’t expect too much while watching this movie but I like Guy Pearce and possession/exorcism movies so I wanted to check this out. Like I stated above the cast features Guy Pearce, along with Stephen Lang, and Vadhir Derbez. Their performances weren’t lacking but the film itself was. I was kind of bored watching this movie, and it shocked me to feel this way because usually I enjoy or have an interest in these types of films but I was not as engaged as I wanted to be. The story unfortunately kind of falls flat, which sucks and to me there wasn’t any scares. The Seventh Day had the potential to be great but it was not impressive nor was I engaged in the film.  

Streaming On: Netflix

Aftermath (2021)- Rating: 3/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

This movie stars Ashley Greene and Shawn Ashmore who both gave good performances. Some characters made some silly decisions, but it’s no deal breaker to watching the movie lol. I enjoyed watching this film and I thought the story worked well. It’s a simple plot but it’s effective for the movie. Now let’s talk horror. So I thought the horror elements and scares were also done well in this film. Camera angles and the atmosphere played a part in the film’s scares. At times this movie had me on edge with my heart racing and I just have to applaud this movie for having me feel this way. There were a few twists in the film and the ending I did not expect. The reveal was a surprise and in a good way. Aftermath is entertaining, suspenseful, creepy and an enjoyable watch. I definitely recommend this for horror/suspense fans.

Streaming On: Netflix

The Suicide Squad (2021) – Rating: 5/5

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The Suicide Squad is finally here and let me tell you it is a joy ride of entertainment. This movie isn’t a remake of 2016’s Suicide Squad, but is a standalone sequel. This film has a few characters from the previous Suicide Squad like Amanda Waller, Rick Flag, Harley Quinn, and Captain Boomerang. But then The Suicide Squad has a slew of new and fun characters. The whole cast did a really great job in their roles, but my star favorites are Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn), Idris Elba (Bloodsport), Daniela Melchior (Ratcatcher 2), David Dastmalchian (Polka Dot Man) and Sylvester Stallone (King Shark). James Gunn always does a great job bringing characters with different personalities together and making a team out of them. Some of the characters are charming and lovable, so you can’t help but to be drawn or attached to them. I also enjoyed the movie’s plot and the mission that Task Force X was on. The Suicide Squad is action filled and gory, which I’m not mad about lol. I loved the jokes and the movie is hilarious, whether through the characters, their actions, or the dialogue. I’m really pleased and I enjoyed watching this movie. You have to appreciate James Gunn’s style and direction of this film, cause he nails it ! This movie is one of my top ten anticipated movies of the year. It’s insane, unpredictable, and I loved it. The Suicide Squad is fun, action packed, full of heart, entertaining, and more. It’s a film I definitely recommend watching especially in theaters if you can.

Watch in theaters and streaming on HBO Max

The Swarm (2021) – Rating: 3.5/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

The Swarm is a French horror drama and the cast does a great job with their performances. Suliane Brahim plays Virginie who raises locusts for protein which she uses to provide for her family. After a recent discovery that the locusts like to feed on blood Virginie find ways to keep the locusts feeding. At times she was a frustrating character because she was secretive about what she was doing with the locusts and so focused on them. The type of horror this movie has is more about how the locusts changes Virginie, she’s so focused on them she even dangers herself to feed them (which is scary). Although this movie is a slow burn, it kept my attention. The locust feeding on flesh and blood was terrifying and that’s where the movie did well with the horror elements. I enjoyed watching this film. The Swarm is interesting, creepy, effective, and well made. I would recommend giving this movie a watch.   

Streaming On: Netflix

Blood Red Sky (2021) – Rating: 4/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

The verdict is in and I really enjoyed this movie. I thought the cast gave really great performances. The hijackers were your typical group of people where you have the leader, some tough guys, one who doesn’t want to hurt/kill people, and one who is ruthless. I loved the relationship between the mother and son, it was sweet and the motherly love was there. We also get to see the backstory on the mom through flashbacks which helps viewers to know about her condition. I love how this isn’t your typical hijacking/terrorist movie because it takes a turn and there’s a lot of bloodshed to see. I was satisfied with the film’s ending and found the movie to be unique and the action was great. Blood Red Sky is thrilling, entertaining, exciting, and a film I definitely recommend watching.   

Streaming On: Netflix

Don’t Breathe 2 (2021) – Rating: 3.5/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

I was actually surprised to hear that a sequel to 2016’s Don’t Breathe would be released but it’s here so let’s get to it. After the first film viewers no longer see Norman Nordstrom as a “poor guy” or feels sorry for him.  And I’d like to mention that Stephen Lang plays this character well. Taking place a few years after the first film we see Norman and a little girl name Phoenix who he’s “adopted” and some bad guys break in and wants Phoenix, so we see this plays out and Norman attacking them. We also get some action at another location. And Norman roughing up those guys is gratifying to see onscreen. I think my favorite parts of the film involves the few plot twists we see, which were unexpected. Overall I thought it was a great sequel, I enjoyed it. Don’t Breathe 2  is fast paced, has you on edge, has a few plot twists and it’s entertaining.

Watch in theaters

Friday The 13th (1980) – Rating: 3/5

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

This movie is considered as one of the first slasher films, which then spawned 11 sequels including a reboot. Those who haven’t seen this movie, the revealing of the killer is unexpected and a surprise. I thought the kills in this movie were funny, and insane. I also like how the audience never saw the killer until the ending, which I think was very effective. This movie isn’t as scary as it was marketed and may have been during its release in 1980, but it is suspenseful. Friday The 13th is a simple horror classic that is also a fun watch. 

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Friday The 13th (2009) – Rating: 4/5

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

I might be one of the few that enjoyed this reboot and love it more than the original. I enjoyed seeing this cast of familiar faces and the characters were your typical group of young adults. I also love the evolution of Jason in this film. I love how he looks more terrifying in this movie. He ditched his sack mask for the iconic hockey mask. I also love that Jason runs in this film, I mean he’s chasing people down in this movie, he’s fast and the kills were awesome. Derek Mears was great and intimidating as Jason. For me Friday The 13th is an enjoyable reboot. It’s fun, entertaining, intense, funny, and a great slasher movie that I recommend horror fans to watch.    

Streaming On: HBO Max

Beckett (2021) – Rating: 3.5/5

Photo Credit: Netflix

Beckett starts off a little slow and the action starts about 30 minutes into the movie and after that the film continues at a good pace. The cast features John David Washington, the main star of the film who I thought was great in this role. Alicia Vikander, Vicky Krieps, and Boyd Holbrook who all have small parts gave strong performances. Beckett (Washington) suffers a tragedy and it doesn’t get any better from there when he finds himself being shot by police and on the run. The cinematography and camera angles were effective and worked great for this film. The atmosphere of the movie is tense and is effective for the film’s plot. Beckett is a good, entertaining, tense, and thrilling watch. If you are into thrillers I say check it out.   

Streaming On: Netflix

The Night House (2021) – Rating: 3/5

Photo Credit: Searchlight Pictures

The Night House stars Rebecca Hall who does a fantastic job in the movie. At times she gives a little comedy in her performance which I think as a grieving person is okay. She has questions and wants answers which you can understand but at the same time are worried at what she’ll find. Her husband had secrets and at times she questions herself on whether or not she knew her husband. I thought the movie’s plot was intriguing. The atmosphere of the film feels familiar but is still unique. I also enjoyed the use of optical illusions and shadows in the film.  The Night House feels like a slow burn. There are jump scares and some chilling scenes and imagery which was effective for the movie. The movie is different than what we’ve expected from the trailer which isn’t a bad thing because it keeps you guessing. I did want a little more from the ending because it was underwhelming. The Night House is an intriguing and chilling psychological horror film, if you’re into these types of horror movies, I say give this film a watch. 

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The Descent 2 (2009) – Rating: 3.5/5

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

As a sequel to 2005’s The Descent, I thought this movie was good and I enjoyed it. It picks up where the first film left off and Shauna MacDonald returns as Sarah from the first film and she cannot remember what happened in the caves. So to jog her memory and to locate the other ladies cave specialists, a sheriff and deputy brings Sarah along to look for her “missing” friends, which of course is a bad idea. Just like in the first film the creatures are creepy, pale humanoids that kill brutally and it’s gory, (I don’t mind lol). I honestly think this film is a decent follow up to the first movie, although the ending I did not like, I let out a huge sigh when it ended lol. The Descent 2 is thrilling, entertaining and has a few twists. If you enjoyed the first film, I think you’ll like this one. 

Streaming On: Tubi

Black Rock (2012) – 3.5/5

Photo Credit: LD Entertainment

I didn’t know what to expect from this movie but this film surprised me. The movie’s runtime is about 80 minutes so the film is fast paced and pretty quick, and the pacing worked out well for the movie. What started as a girls trip turned to the ladies having to fight for their lives. The movie took this simple plot and made it effective. The ladies were scared but they knew they had to fight back and have a plan and they did. This film had me on the edge of my seat and I was just trying to prep myself for anything that could happen in the film. This movie was a pleasant surprise and I’m glad I decided to watch it. Black Rock is an engaging, tense, well acted survival thriller. I’d say give it a watch.  

Streaming On: Tubi

The Ninth Passenger (2018) – Rating: 1/5

Photo Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

The Ninth Passenger was one of the movies that came up after I finished one. I didn’t go into this movie with any expectations. The movie’s runtime is about 75 minutes, but for this movie the pacing did not help the film. The only person I knew from the movie was Jesse Metcalfe, which wasn’t a problem and I thought he did a good job. The people on the yacht encounters some type of creature that was created and it attacks them. This movie was just weird and I honestly think the title of the film should’ve been called something else. I wish we could’ve been able to see more of the creatures and as the audience we only see them in glances, and not full on. *Sighs* The Ninth Passenger is silly, boring, it had potential, and that ending was bad. Horror/thriller fans will be disappointed with this one.   

Streaming On: Tubi

Piranha 3DD (2012) – Rating: 2.5/5

Photo Credit: Dimension Films

I’ve seen Piranha 3D but haven’t seen this film so I decided to put it on. It takes place one year after the previous movie. The majority of the film’s setting is at a water park where of course the owner turns a section of the park into an adult themed area. The cast has some familiar faces such as Danielle Panabaker, Christopher Lloyd, Ving Rhames, and David Koechner. The piranhas CGI was bad and the kills were crazy, but that’s something I expected to see in this film lol. Piranha 3DD doesn’t take itself seriously which is a great thing. It’s silly, fun, entertaining and I laughed a few times. So if you need a sea creature feature that doesn’t take itself too serious and is entertaining then give Piranha 3DD a watch lol . 

Streaming On: Tubi

Bait (2012) – Rating: 3.5/5

Photo Credit: Anchor Bay Films/Sportsphoto Ltd/ Allstar

This is an Australian film so the cast is comprised of Australian actors who were great and you also see familiar faces in this movie. When a Tsunami traps a group of people in a submerged grocery store they become targets for some great white sharks, which is a scary situation to be in so they have to work together to survive. I thought this was a good Shark movie. The plot was different, the setting of the film was great, the sharks/CGI looked crazy and was laughable but it didn’t take away from the film lol. Bait is fun, entertaining, thrilling and a shark movie I recommend watching. 

Streaming On: Tubi

Candyman (1992) – Rating: 3.5/5

Photo Credit: TriStar Pictures

A 90s horror slasher starring Tony Todd who gives a memorable performance as Candyman. He’s summoned when his name is said five times and the results are deadly. This movie focused on the themes of race and social class in the inner-city neighborhoods, including where the movie takes place in the Cabrini-Green public housing projects. We also get a little bit of background on Candyman and his trauma. Non believers of Candyman thought this urban legend of him was just that – a story and that he doesn’t exist but they were in for a rude awakening. This movie has lots of blood and gore which you’d expect. Candyman has an interesting story, it’s socially relevant, it’s gory and is a classic horror film. 

Streaming On: Peacock

Candyman : Farewell To The Flesh (1995) – Rating: 3/5

Photo Credit: Polygram Film Entertainment

While the first Candyman takes place in Chicago this one takes place in New Orleans and revolves around a school teacher who’s targeted by Candyman after summoning him. As usual you have those non believers that just love to say his name and then of course he comes and that’s it for them. This sequel showed us more of Candyman’s background that was mentioned in the first film. His name was Daniel Robitaille and in this film we see what happened when he was brutally attacked by a white mob. The audience getting more of Candyman’s backstory was nice to have. You feel sorry for him and also fear him. I did like the plot of this film and how it was set in New Orleans. Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh is a decent sequel, it’s entertaining, and worth a watch. 

Streaming On: Pluto TV

Candyman: Day Of The Dead (1999) – Rating: 2/5

Photo Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

So this is my least favorite of the Candyman films and it’s not terrible but I felt like it wasn’t as strong as the others. Similar to the previous film it revolves around an ancestor of Candyman/Daniel Robitaille who doesn’t believe and when the murders happen she then believes that Candyman is real. So it does feel a bit repetitive to the previous movie (Candyman 2) but it’s still an okay film. The movie is pretty entertaining but not as interesting as the previous movies. I would say give it a watch if you are curious.  

Streaming On: Hulu

Candyman (2021) – Rating: 5/5

Photo Credit: AP

This film is a direct sequel to the original Candyman. It’s directed by Nia DaCosta and she did a fantastic job with her portrayal of Candyman’s story and with the movie overall. I love how Nia reworked Candyman’s story/character throughout the generations it was a refreshing take on the original film. This movie utilized themes of race and social class similar to the first film but more relatively familiar to current times. The cast gave stellar performances which included Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Teyonah Parris, and Colman Domingo. The kills are original, gory, and some of the best. The sound effects/sound editing of Candyman kills was just so good. The camera angles, cinematography, and the music are so great in the movie. DaCosta’s Candyman is chilling, effective, refreshing, and is a great companion to the original film.

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5/5: Love It, Must Watch

4.5/5: Amazing

4/5: Great

3.5/5: Very Good

3/5: Good

2.5/5: Pretty Good

2/5: Meh (Not Impressive)

1.5/5: Bad

1/5: Horrible

This wraps up my August movie and show reviews. Have you watched any of these films or shows ? Let me know in the comments below. As always thanks for reading and I’ll see you for my September round of monthly watches.


  1. Was waiting until I finished watching Clickbait to comment, but like you said it was a really addicting show! I didn’t really care for how it ended but I loved the overall thrilling storyline. You really can’t trust anything on the internet as depicted in the show🙃

    I LOVED this season of Outer Banks, it was great seeing Barbados in the first few episodes. I need the Pogues to have just one win though 😭

    I saw the trailer for Brand New Cherry Flavour and it totally creeped me out, I’m still lost as to what the show is about, but given your review, I’m gonna give it a chance lol.

    Can’t wait to see the new Candyman and I really enjoyed Blood Red Sky!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Clickbait was thrilling and addicting and the ending/the reveal of who killed Nick was a wild. 😳

      Yesss I loved this season, it’s my favorite of the two seasons. And right ? I just want my pogues to get a win too, they almost had that cross ! 😔

      Brand New Cherry Flavor is a wild show but it’s also intriguing lol.. you might like it 🤔

      Hope you get to watch the new Candyman soon 😀, and I really enjoyed Blood Red Sky as well !


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