Skincare Items I Love To Use: Skincare Fridge

Continuing from the last “Skincare Items I Love To Use” blog post, the item that I will be talking about today is the skincare fridge. I will be discussing what it is, and why I love using it. If you’ve thought about buying a skincare fridge or just want some info about using one, then keep on reading.

The previous skincare fridge I had bought on clearance from Ross, it worked pretty good, but the sound it made was bit annoying. I held on to it, and the holiday season approached, and I hinted to my siblings that I would like this fridge as a Christmas gift… A few weeks passed and on Christmas morning this fridge was one of the gifts I opened from my brother, and I was so that happy I got it. So here we are talking about why I love this fridge lol.

What Exactly Is A Skincare Fridge ?

Okay so honestly a skincare fridge is no different than a personal mini fridge you’ve seen, which can be used for snacks, you can also use these to store your skincare items. Now you are probably thinking why not store them in the kitchen fridge, which you could and that’s totally up to you, but either way is fine. For me I love storing them in my skincare fridge so all the products can be together and plus it’s in my room, which is where I apply my skincare products in addition to the bathroom.

Why I Love Using A Skincare Fridge ?

Okay so skincare fridges are not necessary because most skincare products can be stored at room temperature without any issues. For me I love the cool feeling of the products on my skin. Especially the gels, creams, face masks, my rose quartz roller and Gua Sha tool. They feel amazing after coming out of the fridge and onto my skin. And my skin loves it.

The fridge that I currently have is a great size and fit a nice amount of products in it. I love that there’s a mirror on the front with LED lighting which is cute. This fridge is affordable, and even though this was a gift, I knew the price of it because I was eyeing it lol. Also the front has a writable surface, where you can use dry erase markers. I haven’t written on it, but I’m sure it’ll be great to write down reminders. I’ll be linking where this fridge was purchased, and of course there are other fridge options you can look into just in case this might not be the one for you. Click here for this fridge.

Just a reminder, that skincare fridges are not necessary, but if you thought about getting one, maybe this blog post will help you with your decision. Do you have a skincare fridge ? Let me know in the comments below. As always thanks for reading and see you next time.


  1. This skincare fridge definitely looks like a great purchase but I would rather receive it as a gift than purchase it myself 😅as you did with hinting at this for a Christmas gift.
    I see you have some Yes To skincare products in there, but I’ve never tried them. Do they live up to the hype cause I always see people talking about this skincare brand.

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