My Top Ten Theatrical Released Movies Of 2020

2020 was the year I was looking forward to seeing a lot movies. I was excited to watch No Time To Die, Black Widow, A Quiet Place Part II, and Halloween Kills, just to name a few. But due to the pandemic, many movies had their release date pushed back, or released via digital streaming. With the movie theaters being shut down for months this year I was only able to see eleven movies. I’ll be sharing my top ten movies of the year. You’ll also see excerpts from my movie reviews that I’ve done on those films. The movies on this list were exciting, fun, gave me goosebumps, and I enjoyed watching them, and some I really loved. Some movies were okay and surprising too. Let’s check out the list !

10. Brahms: The Boy II

I felt that the movie moved at a decent pace, it wasn’t a slow movie. The acting in this movie was good, I enjoy seeing Katie Holmes in these roles, which reminds me of her role in 2010’s Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark. What I liked about this movie is that it gave the audience a little more background on Brahms (the doll), which the first movie didn’t elaborate on. This movie does serves up the creepy factor, thanks to the doll. I thought I liked this movie better than the first one, but I disagree, and I would prefer the first film.

9. The New Mutants

After watching The New Mutants, I really can’t say that I loved it, I liked it. I felt like the movie was a little underwhelming, although it had potential. I thought the cast did a good job and the characters were fun. I loved the chemistry between Rahne (Maisie Williams) and Dani (Blu Hunt). I also loved the performance of Anya Taylor-Joy as Illyana. The movie did have a few horror elements anytime you’d see the “Smile Men”. Overall, I didn’t hate the movie, but I really liked that this was a different movie then what we’ve seen from the X-Men movies. One thing I can say is that The New Mutants is certainly not the worst movie in the X-Men franchise.

8. Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island is based on the 1970s tv show of the same name. Despite what critics and viewers have said about the movie, I liked Fantasy Island. No, it isn’t a horror masterpiece, but it’s a fun and thrilling movie. The film takes us into the fantasies of the guests staying on Fantasy Island; While at first the fantasies seem great, they soon realize the fantasies become real and aren’t as they hope. I thought the cast did good, and the plot twist at the end was unexpected. Fantasy Island is a fun, breath of fresh air lol, and if it piqued your interest, then I would go check it out.

7. Underwater

This movie featured some great cinematography, especially underwater, even though it was dark, and there was debris, it was shot beautifully. And while the movie isn’t super scary, there were a few jump scare scenes that had my heart racing because you’re slightly scared for the crew and want them all to survive and at the same time wonder what is attacking the crew. After a while we get a look at the grotesque, humanoid sea creatures. This is a fun, entertaining, intense, fast paced movie that features a great, lead performance by Kristen Stewart, along with the other cast members ! Underwater is a good horror movie and while it may be slightly terrifying, it’s a treat to watch.

6. Sonic The Hedgehog

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After receiving backlash for Sonic’s appearance in the initial trailer, we were able to see Sonic’s new look, which left us happy with the results. Sonic is a fast-paced movie and I loved it ! The chemistry amongst the cast was great. Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik was awesome, and I think Carrey did a great job at playing this villain and was the perfect actor for this role. I also loved James Marsden character and Sonic’s relationship. It was cute, and I think both needed that friendship. This movie was full of energy, action, and is a fun, must-see movie.

5. Bad Boys For Life

I love the onscreen and real life relationship of Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. They’re both funny, have each other’s back, and complement each other, since they are opposites lol. I honestly cannot think of a better duo to star as Burnett and Lowrey other than Lawrence and Smith. Bad Boys For Life has the action, the laughs, the surprises, the great chemistry amongst the cast, new characters, old characters, and an explosive plot. I loved Bad Boys For Life, and it is my favorite movie of the three films. This movie is fun, entertaining, action-packed, funny, and a crowd pleaser.

4. Tenet

I was so excited to watch this movie in theaters because the trailers looked amazing. The movie’s runtime is 2 hrs. 30 mins, which I think is a great runtime, especially for a Christopher Nolan film. Now before you fret, I’m here to reassure you that the movie comes on with action, and that this film isn’t slow placed at all. Tenet had me on the edge of my seat because I was interested, excited, and curious as to what would happen next. The cast in this movie did an amazing job, more specifically the performances of John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, and Elizabeth Debicki, who all did so well in their roles. Tenet is a complex movie, but in a good way. It’s a mind-blowing concept and with that being said, I really enjoyed this movie. This film is entertaining, action-packed, clever, visually stunning, thought provoking, and is a must-see movie.

3. Birds Of Prey

Margot Robbie IS Harley Quinn, so it’s always a treat to see her onscreen. Now that Harley and Mr. J broke up, Harley is on a path of self-discovery and along that path, after Gotham hears of her and The Joker’s breakup, they see that as opportunity to take action on Harley Quinn, with some wanting her dead. Not only that, but she meets a few dames along the way, that are too on Black Mask “hit list”. The casting in this movie was pretty much perfect and they gave us great performances as their characters. Ewan McGregor as Black Mask was great, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Huntress was a total badass even though more screen time from her would’ve been great, and the soundtrack was fitting for the movie. The outfits in this movie that Harley wears are colorful and outrageous, the actions sequences were amazing and what you would expect from a DC film, I loved it ! 

2. Wonder Woman 1984

I loved Wonder Woman 1984. I love seeing Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, she’s perfect in this role ! Gal Gadot and Chris Pine have amazing chemistry, and I love them onscreen together. Pedro Pascal was really great as Maxwell Lord and Kristen Wiig was enjoyable in the role of Barbara Minerva/Cheetah. The action scenes in this movie are amazing, I loved the visual effects and I loved the story. At first I thought this movie was pretty long but then most of DC’s movies are over two hours and after I saw it a second time, to me the length of the movie didn’t matter. WW84 is fun, vibrant, entertaining, beautiful, heartwarming, heartbreaking, and I think it’s a worthy sequel to the first film. I definitely recommend you to watch this. Also look out for the mid credit scene for a surprise.

1. The Invisible Man

One of my favorite directors, Leigh Whannell who directed some of my favorite horror movies like Saw and Insidious, has written and directed The Invisible Man, I was excited and ready to see this movie, since I saw the first trailer. The cast does an amazing job, especially Elisabeth Moss, who gives a brilliant performance. Leigh Whannell delivers on HG Wells classic tale, and perfectly mixes the horror, sci-fi, and the suspense into this movie, and delivers another horror hit. I also enjoyed the movie’s score and cinematography, which I think is always an important aspect of a movie, especially horror films. This modern take on The Invisible Man is suspenseful, captivating, and a must watch. This movie is crafted with suspense from beginning to end, and there’s a plot twist. Leigh Whannell once again delivers a horror masterpiece, and one of the best movies of the year !

Have you seen any of these movies this year? If so which ones did you love and enjoyed. Which movies that you’ve seen would you add on your list of 2020 movies. I’m hoping that in 2021 we get to have more theatrical releases because I miss and love being at the theater watching movies, it’s like my second home lol. As always thanks for reading, until next time !


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