10 Fun Things To Do On Christmas

Christmas is a week away and I know with Covid-19, quarantining, and some states being on lockdown that many people may have changed their Christmas/Holiday plans, such as traveling. Whether you are staying home with family or spending the day solo, I wanted to share a list of things to do or ideas of what you can do on Christmas to make if fun. There’s something on this list for families, couples, roommates, or if your celebrating solo, to name a few 😊. I’m sharing this list a week in advance just in case you decide to do something on this list, you can have it planned out.

1. Watch Christmas/Holiday movies

This may be the most common thing to do on Christmas, but it never gets old. Plus there’s a variety of Holiday/Christmas movies out there, so you have new options. Click here for a few of my favorites on Netflix.

2. Have a Christmas brunch

You can have Christmas/holiday themed food items or keep it the usual brunch food items. For the holiday items you can serve red and green fruits, or make red and green pancakes or waffles, there’s so many ideas you can do.

3. Have a scavenger hunt

Themed scavenger hunts are fun. You can theme it around holiday movies such as How The Grinch Stole Christmas or Home Alone. Be creative and have fun with it. You can also have a prize for the winner of the scavenger hunt.

4. Play board games

My family and I love playing board games. Some of our favorites are Trouble, Connect 4, Taboo, and The Game of Life. Other fun board games to play are Operation, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader, and Twister, just to name a few.

5. Go to the movies/movie theater

I know that some people may have mixed feelings about going to the movies in this pandemic, but I think if you wear a mask and feel safe then I’d say go for it. Here are a few new movies that you could watch in theaters on Christmas: Silent Night, West Side Story, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Nightmare Alley, Sing 2, The Matrix Resurrections, The King’s Man, and A Journal For Jordan.

6. Sing karaoke

This sounds fun ! You can flip a coin to decide if you’ll be performing Christmas/Holiday songs or just do your favorite songs. Either way it will be great.

7. Setup a hot chocolate bar

A hot chocolate bar is fun and creative, and it’s always great to have hot chocolate on Christmas. You can serve homemade, boxed hot chocolate, or both, and have toppings such as whipped cream or sprinkles, just to name a few.

8. Cocktail drink tasting

For my adults you can have cocktail drink tasting. You can lookup recipes for a few holiday/Christmas themed cocktail drinks (*cough cough Pinterest lol), and on Christmas you can try a couple of them. Maybe even create a charcuterie board to go with the drinks.

9. Cozy up with a good book

If you are celebrating the holidays solo, why not cozy up in your bed or on the couch with your favorite book or possibly read some holiday romance or mystery books or just whodunnits/murder mystery books in general. Even if you aren’t spending Christmas day solo, you still might wanna get cozy and read a book. Don’t forget a glass of your favorite wine or a cup of hot chocolate.

10. Have a non- traditional Christmas dinner

Time to change it up. Have you notice that nine times out of ten people in general have the same kind of dinner for Thanksgiving and Christmas, why not switch it up ? A few years ago, my family and I had seafood for Christmas dinner. We had fried shrimp, fried tilapia, fries, hush puppies, grits, and salad, we LOVED it. There’s so many options: Bar-B-Que, Italian, Mexican, the list goes on. You might not want to go back to the traditional Thanksgiving/Christmas food after trying this out lol.

I hope you try one or more of these ideas. I know that Christmas this year will be a little different, and whether you feel happy or sad, your feelings are valid. But if you do want fun or different things to do on Christmas day these ideas will be here for you ! As always thanks for reading, until next time !


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