Making Your Own Chipotle Burrito Bowl

My version of Chipotle’s burrito bowl

If you’ve had Chipotle then you know one of the their popular items on the menu is a burrito bowl. The burrito bowl consist of a protein (meat) or veggie, rice, beans, and toppings such as fresh salsa, sour cream, etc. I enjoy these bowls because they’re tasty and consist of some of my favorite things, plus its always great when you can get your food, the way you want. So a few weeks ago, I decided to replicate Chipotle’s Burrito Bowl, and I did it again a few days ago, but this time, I’m sharing with you all, how I made mine. This was not hard to make, nor is there a specific recipe you need to follow, keep reading if you want to see my interpretation of the burrito bowl.

Things you need ( I made my bowl using chicken by the way):

-Chicken ( I used a bag of cooked grilled chicken)

-2 cans of seasoned black beans

-Box of Uncle Ben’s rice

-A bag of Romaine lettuce

-A packet of chicken taco/fajita seasoning

-Salt, pepper, seasoned salt

-Cilantro, Lime, Tomatoes, Onion, Jalapeno pepper, salt, and pepper for Pico De Gallo.

-Optional to use a dressing, I used Bolthouse Farms Cilantro Avocado yogurt dressing.

First I prepared my Pico De Gallo:

Just chop and dice the onions, tomatoes, jalapeno pepper, cilantro, and squeeze lime juice and add salt and pepper (mix thoroughly).

Then I cooked my chicken:

I cut up and diced the chicken, seasoned it with Lawry’s seasoned salt, salt, pepper, and the chicken taco seasoning then tossed it in a pan with olive oil. (I cooked mine for a few minutes)

Next up, I cooked the rice:

I cooked about 3 cups of rice, after the rice finished cooking and cooled off, I then added the cilantro and squeezed lime juice into the rice, and mixed it up.

Next up the beans:

I then put the two cans of seasoned black beans on the stove to cook, which didn’t take long.

Lastly after everything is done, you layer your bowl up:

I layered mine the following way:





Pico De Gallo

Cilantro Avocado dressing (This dressing is so good by the way !)

Remember you can use what ever meats, beans, rice, toppings, and dressings you want. After fixing up your bowl to your liking, time to dig in lol.

I really enjoyed my burrito bowl and it was really good, my dad also loved it. So anytime you want Chipotle and want to make your own burrito bowl, I say give it a try. Will you be creating your own burrito bowl anytime soon, if so let me know below. As always thanks for reading, until next time.

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