Do More Of What Makes You Happy !

Happy: Feeling or showing pleasure and contentment.

Important points of happiness ↓ : ( click here for more)

Happiness is a state, not a trait; in other words, it isn’t a long-lasting, permanent feature or personality trait, but a more fleeting, changeable state.

Happiness is equated with feeling pleasure or contentment, meaning that happiness is not to be confused with joy, ecstasy, bliss, or other more intense feelings.

Happiness can be either feeling or showing, meaning that happiness is not necessarily an internal or external experience, but can be both.

So I want to ask, what makes you happy ?

It could be your hobby, passions, things that bring you pleasure, or your career. There are different answers and responses to this question. It doesn’t matter if people agree with it or if the thing that brings you happiness is something simple. Its about you being happy and enjoying life, your happiness is important, and while I know that people aren’t gonna be 100% happy all the time (which I think is normal) , it’s still nice for a person to be happy and to have and experience happiness. So if you know what makes you happy, do more of it !

Here are a few things that make me happy:

-Spending time with my family.

-Watching movies and tv shows.

-Watching my favorite movies and tv shows.

-Going to the movie theaters.

-Traveling/ Going to new places.

-Creating and posting content on Instagram that I love, enjoy, and that makes me happy.

-Daydreaming. I honestly daydream a lot, and it happens naturally whether its during the day and at night while I sleep (which I guess would be dreaming lol) but this does makes me happy, because they are great and beautiful dreams, and they give me hope and excite me, which is always a great thing.

-Creating music playlists, listening to my favorite songs on repeat, singing these songs out loud, even though I can’t sing lol, and dancing to these songs.

I also want to thank Ashley Scott Designs for gifting me this shirt. I love the colors and of course the message on the shirt. Ashley has other great designs, you can check them out here.

Remember that happiness can be different for people, and regardless of how you define it , you deserve it. Let me know some things that make you happy or that you’d like to do more of that makes you happy ! Thanks for reading, and until next time.

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