AHS Portrait Series


A few months ago we were shown via an Instagram post, the cast line up for season ten of American Horror Story (AHS) and then the guessing game of what that season would be about began. I love this horror anthology series and I also love the fact that each season brings a different plot and still has the same cast, with new additions every now and then. Weeks after the cast was announced, I decided that I would do a series of photos where I chose one character from each season and do a inspired “look” of that character, which I named my #ahsportraitseries. So yes there’s nine seasons, so you’ll be seeing nine AHS inspired looks. Over the last two weeks I’ve posted these on my Instagram page (@jamonicatierra) and now I’m sharing them on here. I hope you all enjoy these pics as much as I did !

Season 1 – Inspired by Violet Harmon from AHS: Murder House


Season 2 – Inspired by Lana Winters from AHS: Asylum


Season 3 – Inspired by Marie Laveau from AHS: Coven


Season 4 – Inspired by Dandy Mott from AHS: Freak Show


Season 5 – Inspired by The Countess from AHS: Hotel 


Season 6 – Inspired by The Butcher from AHS: Roanoke


Season 7 – Inspired by Beverly Hope from AHS: Cult


Season 8 – Inspired by Michael Langdon from AHS: Apocalypse 


Season 9 – Inspired by Margaret Booth from AHS: 1984


This wraps up my #ahsportraitseries. Are there any AHS fans here ? Which season is your favorite ? My favorite seasons are: Murder House, Coven, Roanoke, 1984, and I’ll throw Apocalypse in, if I had to have a top five list lol. Leave a comment below on your favorite season if you are an AHS: Fan or if you’re a fan of any other Ryan Murphy shows. Thanks again for checking out my series !


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