Cheers to 26 years !


Monday, the 21st was my 26th birthday, and I had the whole week off from work, which I loved, and enjoyed ! Since I went to Halloween Horror Nights as an birthday gift to myself earlier this month, I really did not plan on doing anything else for my birthday except laying in my bed watching Horror/Halloween movies, and some of my favorite tv shows surrounded by snacks and wine; And that’s exactly what I did !



I kind of had myself a mini birthday photo shoot; I had fun doing this and being creative is something I love, so this was perfect ; With a couple of balloons from Party City and a cute simple birthday look, anyone can do this. Also those number balloons were $1.99 each, which is a steal !

Fun Fact: Pink and Turquoise are also my favorite colors.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”


I watched the horror classic The Shining, and a Halloween/Horror favorite, Trick ‘R Treat, both are must sees by the way ! I also had some Pink Stella Rosa wine with some cheese, turkey, crackers, and grapes, just living my life lol.

Surprise from my siblings ! 

My brother and sister surprised me with more balloons and a cute little cupcake; They know I’m not much of a cake eater, so they just bought me something smaller, I still haven’t ate it yet lol. 

Birthday Cards !

I don’t know about y’all, but every Birthday card, Christmas card, etc. that I’ve received that I can recall, I’ve kept; I just feel weird just throwing them out, so why not keep them; Check out the Birthday cards I got this year ! 

Snacks and Halloween movies !

What’s Halloween season without watching a few Halloween classics and favorites. This whole week off, I’ve been in my bed watching Horror and Halloween movies; I love horror movies and I watch those anytime, but watching them during the Halloween season is more spookier. I still plan on watching more Halloween movies up until Halloween is over; Here’s a few that I’ve watched so far: Hocus Pocus ( a classic), Corpse Bride, Monster House, and A Nightmare Before Christmas. Of course I have more to watch; And as far as snacks go, I had my favorite, sweet and salty: Pretzels, Sour Patches, Peanut M&Ms, Snickers, and popcorn !


Birthday Wishes

I’ve received many Birthday wishes on my Birthday, and it was really nice for them to do, so here’s another thank you to everyone who has wished me a Happy Birthday ! My 26th birthday was fun, relaxing, and was spent doing what I love; Here’s to turning 26 ! 

IMG_7697 (1)Let me know in the comments what’s your favorite thing you’ve done for your birthday? Also what’s your favorite Halloween/Horror movie and what movie snacks are your favorite ? Thanks for reading ! 

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