Halloween Horror Nights 2019 at Universal Studios Orlando


Well guys, it’s that time of the year; Horror fans can attend the Horror event of the year, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. I live in Florida so I attended the event in Orlando. Fans can attend HHN during the following dates: September 06 – November 02, 2019. Being a fan of Horror movies, I first attended my first HHN last year, and of course I had to attend again this year ! This blog post will be about my time at this year’s HHN (unfortunately I wasn’t able to record in the haunted houses, but I got some great pics !

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville

When we got to Universal Studios, we had a few hours before the HHN event began, so we decided to have lunch at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville restaurant; I had a raspberry Margarita to drink, which had the right amount of sweet & alcohol; Honestly I wasn’t hungry, because I was too excited about HHN, so I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with fries, which was good.

HHN’S 2019 Merch

Okay so let me just say, that this year’s merch is cool, retro, and colorful –which I love by the way. I had a hard time trying to decide what merch I wanted to buy, but you’ll see what I bought towards the end 😉 I also loved how the merch booths were all representing the haunted house !

2019 Haunted Houses

This year’s HHN had a whopping ten haunted houses, which included:

Stranger Things
Jordan Peele’s Us
Universal Monsters
Killer Klowns From Outer Space
House of 1000 Corpses
Depths of Fear
Graveyard Games
Nightingales Blood Pit
Yeti: Terror of the Yukon

Unfortunately we weren’t able to go to all ten houses, but I did meet my goal of going to five of them which included: Jordan Peele’s Us, Universal Monsters, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Nightingales Blood Pit, and Yeti: Terror of the Yukon Details. Towards the end, I’ll rank the five houses that I attended from my most favorite to least favorite ! Also I wasn’t able to capture some of the houses via photo/video, but let’s get started.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space

– This one was fun; It felt like a crazed carnival klown house; Plus the Klowns were also creepy lol


Universal Monsters

– This one was awesome; Getting to see the Classic Monsters was cool. This house was also on my must see list, and it was definitely one of my favorites !


Nightingales Blood Pit

– This one was okay; I liked that the setting had us feeling like we were in the ancient Roman times.


Haunted Houses (Most Favorite to Least Favorite)

Okay so as I stated above, I wasn’t able to see all ten houses, but seeing five of the houses in addition to getting on some rides, made the night great ! So with that being said I’m going to rank the five houses that I did go to, starting with my most favorite to least favorite.

Universal Monsters – This one is my favorite; From the way the Monsters were displayed on the warehouse, to seeing those legendary monsters in the house, I loved it ! The house was so detailed, I felt alive lol ; This house was definitely fun to go through and I really enjoyed it.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space – This house was fun and reminded me so much of the movie; Smelling the popcorn, and seeing the cotton candy cocoons, I was like wow ! And then the klowns with their big creepy grins, they were scary enough lol; This house was awesome.

Jordan Peele’s Us – I really enjoyed the movie, so I was excited when they announced this as one of the houses; This one did not scare me a lot, but the house was nice; I was literally walking through the movie and I thought the set up was amazing, it was very detailed.

Yeti: Terror of the Yukon – Now typically when we hear about Yetis we think scary and big; I felt like this while walking through the house; There were torn up and dismembered bodies throughout the house, and the suspense of not knowing when the Yeti would come out; This house was fun, but not memorable.

Nightingales Blood Pit – Okay the ancient Roman setting was nice; The scares of this house was about the same as the Yeti house; It was nice to experience, however the house was fun, but not memorable.

Drink Break

The Twilight Gateway

I couldn’t do HHN without getting an alcoholic beverage in a souvenir cup, so you know I had to get one, and of course I got the Universal Monsters cup ! The drink I got was The Twilight Gateway, which is a tequila-based cocktail with watermelon, pineapple juice, orange juice, and grenadine — It was good, just the right amount of sweet and alcohol lol, how all drinks should be.


Universal Studios Orlando Attractions – The attractions that were open during HHN.

Not only did we go to some haunted houses, we got on the rides that were open, which was also a plus ! The following attractions were open:

Transformers The Ride – 3D
Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit
Revenge of The Mummy
Men In Black Alien Attack
The Simpsons Ride
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Diagon Alley
Fast & Furious Supercharged

We went on all the attractions, except we weren’t able to go to Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley !

Transformers The Ride – 3D


Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit


The Simpsons Ride


Fast & Furious Supercharged


Our favorites were the Transformers The Ride – 3D, Revenge of The Mummy, and The Simpson Ride — These three were fun, exciting, and definitely worth riding ! The Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit was scary; Yeah you get to choose music to listen to on the ride, but I couldn’t enjoy it because I was too busy screaming lol.

2019’s HHN Souvenirs

This year’s merch is fun, retro, and colorful, so you know I had to buy some; Like last year, I bought a shirt, a shot glass, and of course my souvenir cup.

Wrapping up 2019’s HHN

I had a great time at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights ! The houses were fun, edgy, and well planned out; We were able to get on all the attractions, except one; And even though I wasn’t able to go to the other five houses ( The houses I also wanted to see were Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, and House of 1000 Corpses), I had an amazing time; I definitely enjoyed this year’s HHN, and honestly liked it better than last year’s.


#HHN29 – Until next year !


That’s a wrap on 2019’s HHN; Will you guys be attending the event this year ? If so, what houses were your favorite ? What are your most anticipated houses ? As always thanks for reading !

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