Thinking About Traveling Solo ?

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Wanderlust is the strong desire to travel. Whether that means traveling to other countries, states, cities, or towns, I can definitely say that I have this desire. While I haven’t traveled solo, I often think about this and how it would be to travel by myself. Sometimes you have friends and family that cannot makes those trips or you have people who like to travel solo to have that freedom to do what they want when traveling. I follow blogs and Instagram pages that often go on solo trips and if they can do it, so can I.  Some of these blogs and pages have great tips on solo travel, which is helpful, if you are interested in traveling by yourself; I am aware a topic or idea like this may raise questions and concerns like it did with me, that’s why I see no problem following or reading about traveling solo so you can have an idea on how to prepare and enjoy yourself. One solo travel blog in particular, which I will link below has some helpful and detailed tips (which I love). While traveling is a dream/ goal of mines, I do hope solo traveling is something I can do soon.

Here are some perks of solo traveling from

-You do what you want, when you want. Traveling single, you’re on your own schedule.

-You’re free to meet locals and other travelers — and, because you’re alone, it happens often and easily.

-You’re able to focus on the destination and all it offers without distractions.

-You enjoy periods of quiet for reading, art, reflection… you have as much downtime as you want.

-You follow your own interests, be they bungee jumping or combing archives.

-You receive special treatment as locals often go out of their way to enhance your solo travel experience.

I mean how NICE does this sound — Traveling with others is fun, but to have and go by your own schedule, and to do things that you like to do is even better !

To read more helpful, detailed, and great tips on solo travel, click here

Also leave a comment below if you plan to travel solo, or if you have traveled solo ! 

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