Avengers: Endgame Buzz !

Avengers Endgame 2

In what is the MOST anticipated movie of the year, Avengers: Endgame will be hitting theaters Thursday, and worldwide on Friday. I am obsessed and in love with this franchise. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is this amazing shared universe focusing on these series of superhero films; The films are great in their own right  and the fact that they are connected, which is done so brilliantly, makes me more excited to see them. 2008’s Iron Man kicked off Phase One of this amazing universe and eleven years later, just 3 months after Avengers: Endgame, Spiderman: Far From Home will be released in July, which will wrap up Phase Three. Endgame is the film that all Marvel fans have been waiting for since last year’s blockbuster hit Avengers: Infinity War. Ever since after seeing Infinity War ( which I’ve seen more than 15 times btw– yes this movie is amazing), I’ve been counting down and anxiously waiting for movie trailers and movie posters for Endgame, that’s how real it is. Thanos achieved his goal and “snapped” some of our favorite heroes away along with half of the universe, let’s just say that this was unexpected and pretty darn crazy for Marvel fans , I did not think that would’ve happened. The ending is pretty unbelievable, especially  to see our heroes crumbling into dust (wow). Ten years in the making we have Endgame, the perfect ending to round out the first ten years. From seeing the trailers and Infinity War, I know that this movie will be exciting, action-packed, emotional — so many words to describe the anticipation around this movie. I read reviews (of course they were non spoiler) where Avengers: Endgame was described as Fantastic, Epic, a Satisfying Conclusion, Monumental — which I believe are all true. For Marvel Fans, Endgame would be the crème de la crème, the cherry on top of this long awaited ice cream sundae. Its amazing, and exciting to be invested into these films; I cannot wait to see Endgame on Saturday and you can bet that I will see this movie more than a few times; And to the Marvel fans we’ve earned this moment; this movie was made for us, so let’s celebrate this movie experience together; There will be laughter, crying, and cheering when we see Endgame, which is why this will be monumental and this movie no doubt will be another blockbuster hit; And to the Russo brothers, the incredible cast (who I loveee) and crew, the fans and I thank you for making this epic conclusion; and to Stan Lee thank you for giving us great comic book characters to be adapted into these amazing films, may you Rest In Peace ! Thanks for reading !

Avengers Endgame



  1. I’m extremely excited for Endgame too! Came out today!! The final conclusion to our favorite characters. I’m wondering if Loki will be shown in this movie, even after his fate in Infinity War.

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    • Me too, I’m definitely excited to see Endgame !!! I know the movie will be epic and emotional ; and hey its possible to see Loki, we’ll just have to wait and see 😉


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