With the Siblings..Dinner, Movies, Brunch and More

Heading to Brunch with the siblings

My little bro came in to town from college last week for Spring Break, and of course hanging out and having fun was something we planned on doing. We all did not hang out most of the time my brother was here, but I tried to make plans to where we all could.. We are all close and I try to make sure we get together and have fun !

First up..Dinner at Cheddars & seeing Captain Marvel ( March 09, 2018); I was with my mom, Jordan (second oldest brother), and Jai ( my little bro) on this day.

Jordan, Jai, and me were at Cheddars for dinner before heading to the movies; This was our first time here at the Cheddars in Jacksonville, FL; The last time we ate at a Cheddars was in Valdosta, GA which was two years ago; we love this place by the way; we had dinner there whenever we were in Valdosta. The food is good, and the drinks  (meaning the margaritas, cocktails, etc.) are affordable and delicious. 

Dinner @ Cheddars

Maui Margarita ($6.29)
Chicken Tender Platter (Fries and Southern green beans)

Heading to see Captain Marvel

My skin is beamin’ 

Another Broken Egg

Brunch @ Another Broken Egg with Johnisha (my older sister), Jordan, Jai, Ja’Rell (my nephew), and I (March 15, 2019); We ate, drank, and laughed, which is what we usually do when we get together; This place is definitely one of my favorite spots for brunch.

Another Broken Egg
Mango Kiwi Mimosa
Blackberry Stuffed French Toast with Bacon & Country Potatoes (not pictured)
Strawberry St. Germain

Snapping it up..Selfies (the only two who don’t mind taking a pic lol)

Me and Ja’Rell (my nephew)
Me and Jai (my little bro)

Drinks @ Applebee’s

Me and Jordan went to Applebee’s the day before St. Patrick’s Day to get some drinks..The Leprechaun Candy was really good and sweet, just the way i like them lol…and the Rainbow Punch was just strong !

Leprechaun Candy ($6.99 all month during March)
Rainbow Punch ($2.00 all month during March)

Siblings will take different paths and life may separate them, but they will forever be bonded by having begun their journey in the same boat.” — Unknown

Spending time with my siblings is one of my favorite things to do; Until next time !

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