The Juicy Crab With The Family


I had a really good time at The Juicy Crab with my family; My cousin recently had birth and was ready to get out , she kept saying how excited she was to be out the house and I was happy for her. It was about six of us and my nephew, and we had fun. My cousin bought us three rounds of shots plus Jello shots (can you say lit lol ), we were having a good time ! We are big on family and having fun, and since we haven’t gotten together in a while, this day was much needed. Having been to The Juicy Crab three times, this time the seasoning was okay, but overall the food was pretty good, the third time around lol.. Here are some pics below !

That’s Me !
Shot of Peach Ciroc and Jello shots (Sex On The Beach and Pineapple flavor)
A closer look at my Sex On The Beach drink
I got the Make Your Own Seafood Combo, I decided to get a pound of shrimp, which also included corn and potatoes for $18 
Another round of shots !
IMG_1857 (1)
Our last shots before we left.

That day in The Juicy Crab was a fun time with my family, I cannot wait for our next family gathering ; If you ever visit Jacksonville, FL and you have a taste for seafood, I recommend you to stop by  The Juicy Crab ! Also feel free to comment below ; Thanks for reading !


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